White Collar Practice

When you are accused of wrongdoing, the first major decision you must make involves your legal representation. Your choice of an attorney should not be made hastily, but the earlier you contact an attorney, the greater protection you receive when it comes to preserving and asserting your rights.

Our extensive experience in complex, document-intense, and forensic-based cases enhances our ability to collaboratively assess and timely develop a successful, aggressive defense plan for our clients. We make no judgment on the allegations against our clients; instead, we provide an environment  in which clients can and do actively participate in their defense. We listen and work with our clients, and we are always aware that their case is our priority.

We have successfully represented countless clients and have  the resources, knowledge and analytic sophistication to take on white collar crime cases involving complex legal and regulatory frameworks and extensive factual records.  The Firm's experiences practicing in this area give us unique perspectives on conventional areas of criminal defense such as conspiracy, RICO, drug, assault, and homicide charges. We have aggressively and successfully defended individuals charged with offenses in state or federal courts, or by regulatory agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Our firm is made up of attorneys who serve as leaders in the legal community. We have national reputations for the work we have done advancing the constitutional rights of individuals and entities involved in the criminal prosecution system. We are teachers of trial issues, criminal law, and sentencing advocacy to practitioners and law students alike.  Most of all, throughout our careers, we have  provided unbiased attention to the rights of everyone from high-profile celebrities to large corporations to ordinary citizens. If you find yourself needing a criminal defense attorney, contact us to learn more about how we can protect your interests.

Our Practice focuses on all white collar offenses, including:

Securities Fraud
Financial and corporate crimes: Theft, embezzlement, fiduciary crimes, insider trading, etc. on behalf of individuals and corporate entities
International crimes: Arms violations, international corruption practices, human trafficking, etc.
Health care and professional investigations: Medicare and Medicaid fraud, copyright and trademark infringement, official misconduct, etc.
Health Care Fraud
Money laundering: Cash transaction structuring, straw corporations, etc.
Tax offenses: Income tax evasion, employment tax evasion, etc.
Tax Fraud
Securities Violations
Mortgage Fraud